What is LoadCount?

LoadCount is a revolutionary new ticketing system for the trucking world. LoadCount allows you to track truck loads, drivers, materials, jobs, and ticket data for your trucking company. Your drivers input tickets using our mobile application which then uploads the data to our servers. You can access all of your data 24-7 anywhere in the world. No more lost tickets or digging through paperwork, everything you need is at your fingertips. Priced at 25 cents a ticket, LoadCount is a no brainer.

Speed Up Your Process

Automate your trucking company with load count and make more "me" time. Eliminate overhead and time billing, tracking, and verifying your trucking paper-work.

Easy To Use

Data is transferred using any mobile device. Data can be real time, daily, or weekly depending on your processes. Having data at your fingertips will make your organization more productive..

Real Time Reports

Stay up to date with whats going on. Real time reports are right infront of you whenever you want it.

Access Your Data Anytime

We're never down. By using the cloud, your data is always ready, secure and protected.

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